Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who y'all gonna call?

Our upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS: DISPLACED AGGRESSION miniseries (August, 4 issues, from Scott Lobdell and Ilias Kyriazis) is set all across time and space, with issue one opening with Peter Venkman trapped in the Old West. And here's a taste of that setting, courtesy of Ilias, who's handling both art and colors on this series.


DanielW said...

I'm hoping for a "boom-stick" reference personally ;)

El Torres said...

This one sure is a funny ride... and the artwork looks funny enough!

David said...

Are there any IDW solicts for August and September yet? I cant find Ghostbusters, Crown of Shadows or starstruck #2 listed anywhere.


Anonymous said...

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pedro velasquez said...

In October, CLIVE BARKER'S SEDUTH, will be released as a 32-page one-shot with 24sportsbook pages of story and 10 pages of back-up material and notes from nfl Clive is also contributing a new variant cover painting for the book (which features a story by Barker and Chris Monfette, art by Gabriel Rodriguez and Jay Fotos, and 3-D http://www.enterbet.comeffects from Ray Zone). I previously showed a few of the interior pages in 2-D in 3-D, here.

kimberly sayer said...

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pedro velasquez said...

IDW Publishing's Editor in Chief, Chris Ryall has posted the second "variant" Sportsbook cover for the upcoming Transformers Spotlight book: Drift. This second edition shows the IDW made character in both modes, with a backdrop reminiscent of the Japanese "Rising Sun", accentuating the ninja mystique that follows Drift. Again this work was done by Casey Coller and the wonderful Joana Lafuente. march madness Big ups to Chris Ryall for cutting short a night of fun on the town with Denton Tipton, Simon Furman and HASBRO reps to post this. Check out Chris' original post with another enlarged version of the variant cover here.