Monday, June 22, 2009

They come to praise Groom Lake #3, not bury it

GROOM LAKE #3 got some nice praise at's Best Shots this week. I almost used the name "Ochmonek" for a character in the book as a nod to ALF, too. Had I done that, I think Archibald might've taken the top spot in reviewer Brendan's heart...

Groom Lake #3 (IDW; review by Brendan): I can't believe how much I'm enjoying Groom Lake. Ben Templesmith is in rare form here, and I think Archibald, the classically grey but unconventionally chain-smoking extraterrestrial, is my favorite alien since Alf. This book is just fun, no two ways about it. I though Templesmith had found his perfect project with Fell, but this book is, um, even more... perfecter. A romp about foreign invaders and our feeble attempts to regulate them, this is a high water mark for Chris Ryall and IDW.


nickrunge said...

Really glad to see all the praise this book is getting. It certainly deserves it. I've been enjoying the hell ot of it!

It nice to see comics like this come along. Great job Chris!

Ben's art is always so damn amazing too, I can't believe how well he can make characters come to life. I'm impressed as always.

El Torres said...

Ben's art -one of IDW's high standars- plus Chris funny script, full of action, references and originality, obviously deserves high praises.
Groom Lake II in the months to come?