Tuesday, June 2, 2009


As I run off to a day-long Licensing convention, let me toss you this b&w cover image from the final chapter in John Byrne's Romulans storyline he's been telling over the past year or so. Cover one to STAR TREK: SCHISM. Cover colors will be posted tonight.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy the trek series from IDW! What will be the next trek project with Gordon Purcell? He's you're best artist!

James Snelgrove said...

Y`know, the idea of a liscencing convention actually sounds FASCINATING. What kind of things do they cover at that kind of a convention?

Chris Ryall said...

"What kind of things do they cover at that kind of a convention?"

Pretty much everything--from the studios showing their new movies and TV shows to old properties and personalities like Bruce Lee or Gumby to all kinds of toys, games, and other licenses, all looking for people to sign on as partners on comic books or t-shirt or anything else. It's big, like Comic-Con big (maybe not quite, but close).