Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cooke goes noir

I borrowed the Title from Augie DeBlieck's great review of the ARC we sent around for July's THE HUNTER, Darwyn Cooke's presentation of the first Parker novel by Donald Westlake/Richard Stark.

Augie's review, where he spends some time talking about the various components of the book -- the story, the art, the format -- and shows some nice pages from the book, too, is here. Among other things he had to say about the book was this:

San Diego is still a couple of months away, but I think we have an early contender for "Book of the Show" here. "Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter" is due on July 22nd. Reserve your copy now, because it's an impressive accomplishment that's worth the read.

Additionally, J.C. Vaughn's write-up at Scoop was a second rave review. Many more expected to follow...

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Hutch said...

I look forward to checking this one out!