Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spock: living long, prospering

In last month's issue of Previews, we offered the first issue of a new SPOCK miniseries, written by Scott & David Tipton and illustrated by COUNTDOWN artist David Messina, Federica Manfredi and Elena Casagrande. The miniseries follows Spock as he looks back on his life and is set in the time period right before COUNTDOWN. Here are Messina's covers for the entire series, as well as the eventual collected edition.

With this series and the August-starting NERO miniseries, anyone who's been asking for more material to expand the storyline told in COUNTDOWN and the new movie is going to get their wish.


zriza said...

The covers looks great !!!

What about the movie adaptation ???

Ryan T. Riddle said...

Those covers are awesome. I like how "young man" Spock resembles both Quinto and Nimoy.