Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dru Blood

I cribbed the Title of this entry from the article below, but that's because it's a good one. Tara Bennett, the writer of the piece, always does a good job with these things, and here is no different -- she talks to Juliet Landau about her upcoming two-issue stint on ANGEL.

And Juliet continues her strong push to market this book with another interview at, too.


Shiai said...

Thanks for mentioning the SlayerLit Q&A, Chris. It was a whole lot of fun interviewing Juliet. :)

ryan marshall said...

nice! i'm glad this is going to touch upon before and after ATF. Not sure if this is post-aftermath or during but I am still very much looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

If I could have tea with any vampire it would be Dru. Not sure I'd survive though!

Tony Solomun said...

this is terrific,very much awaiting her take on Angel,
will be cool,
a good run thus far,

all the best mate,