Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Dru Talkin' About, Willis?

Once and future(?) Druzilla, actress Juliet Landau, is co-writing two issues of ANGEL, 24 and 25, with Brian Lynch. The two issues will look at what was going on with Dru when Los Angeles went to hell. Juliet recently did an interview about the project, the first public chat about these issues. So along with a link to her interview, it seems a good time to join her in showing a bit more about the project, in the form of Nick Runge's variant covers for the two issues. Franco Urru's covers will be forthcoming...




Skytteflickan88 said...

Druzilla? Is that giant lizard-Drusilla? ;)

PatShand said...

Wow. Those covers are Runge's best work, by far, and that's saying a lot considering how awesome his Wesley story and a lot of his previous covers were.

Quick question: When will there be an announcement of what follows in the main Angel title after the Drusilla two parter?

Chris Ryall said...

There will. Just not yet...

PatShand said...


My site is going to do a feature on what IDW has been doing with Angel from 2008-now very soon. Been meaning to do it for a while, but things have been hectic. I'll drop you a line when it's up.

zriza said...

I've got a suggestion for the Angel series starting with issue #18:
As I understand it issues #18-22 are 1 story arc called "aftermath", issue #23 is a stand alone and Issues #24-25 are another story arc. It will be great if there will be a mention on each issue with the story arc's name and which part it is like Dark Horse do with the Buffy: season 8 issues.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Drusilla is awesome! I'm glad that she would be a part of Angel comics! I hope Spike will return too. I miss Spike... Angel comics aren't interesting for me without him...
I didn't enjoy issues 18 and 19 of Angel. I'm missing Brian Lynch brilliant storyline and the art is awful... and no Spike.:(((

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