Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trek and Trek again

The cover to John Byrne's final cover for STAR TREK: CREW #5, colored by Lovern Kindzierski:

And this little tease for another book coming in July, courtesy of David Messina:


Anonymous said...

I must say that I have become a fan of Messina's art. I cannot wait for his new project, as well as Byrne's next Crew issue (I really enjoyed Crew #1). In fact I must say that IDW has set a new standard for ST comics. I have read many ST comics over the years, including most DC comics, and they never looked this good or were this interesting. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Byrnes art looks rushed. His old stuff was better.

DC and Marvel wont give the old man work so he craps out commissions and tries to "fix' Star Trek.


Joe Zhang