Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tony Lee and Paul Grist's DOCTOR WHO: THE TIME MACHINATION one-shot--one more in a coming series of solo WHO issues--is coming in May, although some bigger news involving both creators in July is on its way soon, too. Until the larger WHO plans are revealed, here's a page of Paul's very well-suited WHO art from the issue, as colored by Phil Elliott.


Anonymous said...

That's so... precious! Paul Grist is one of the best choices to draw The Doctor. But... is that the 4th Doctor?!

Blair said...

Talons of Weng Chiang era flashback?

DanielW said...


Looks like the final page with Wells going "and I never met the Doctor again..." and then four and Leela rocking up to prove him not quite right.

Either that or "I keep running into these people who call themselves Doctor".

Either way - very cool.

Tony Lee said...

Or... Could it be page 5?

You'll have to wait and see...

DanielW said...

Page 5.
Page 22.
It matters not, as the awesomeness oozes off the page.