Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tribbles, Tribbles, everywhere

Today's USA TODAY has a piece on STAR TREK and the various projects associated with the movie. They talk up our own COUNTDOWN prequel and talk about its availability on iTunes (issues 1-3 up now, with the final issue in stores and at iTunes or for the Google Android on April 1). They didn't mention the fact that COUNTDOWN will be available for the Kindle II, too, but it'll be there as well, one of the first Kindle-ready comics. But they do also talk about some coming Tribbles toys. Which reminds me to mention that our own TRIBBLES project, a solo Spotight issue, is in stores today.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a larger image of the phone ad? Where will the ad appear?

Eric Hobbs said...

I'm really anxious to download COUNTDOWN to my Kindle. There's going to be a huge market for comics on this device.