Monday, March 23, 2009

Grooming Templesmith

Sure, this interview with Ben Templesmith is good, but really, I should mention that I'm really running a link to it here for the GROOM LAKE #1 review that follows the interview. How can I not run a piece that states:

"Chris Ryall’s writing is nothing short of fantastic. Ryall’s timing is impeccable, and creativity boundless, two characteristics usually attributed to comedians but certainly appreciated in the world of comics. It is clear that IDW has the right guy running the show, who better than someone who clearly understands the medium so well."

But I'm sure the book's New York Times best-selling artist also said some interesting things in the interview, too... full link is here.

The book got reviewed at's Best Shots column today, too:
"Groom Lake is an exercise in paranoia and horror. It is lushly illustrated, with a punchy script. Truth be told, read this issue and you might laugh. Funny stuff goes down when humans meet the otherwise. But Chris Ryall and Ben Templesmith did better than make a funny comic, they made a damn good one."

And finally, the book got a nice review at the Girls Entertainment Network, too. GROOM LAKE--strong enough for a man, entertaining enough for a woman.

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