Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Groom Tweet-review Contest #1

GROOM LAKE #1 is out tomorrow, March 18, and I decided to have an easy contest for anyone who reads the issue and is also on Twitter. Tomorrow, I'll post an official entry Tweet at my Twitter page. The rules will be simple:

1. Buy GROOM LAKE #1*
2. Post a reply to my official contest tweet coming in the morning
2A. The reply should be the most interesting review of the issue you can muster.
3. The most interesting Tweet, as judged by me with no more criteria than I'm looking to be amused in less than 140 characters, will a copy of the Signed Edition signed by Ben Templesmith and myself.

*Don't ask me how but I'll know if you skip this step and just try to review the comic without actually reading it. Also, you must pretend to be at least 18 to win.

Update 3.18.09:
The contest is now over, but out of it came a nice longer review of issue 1, right here.

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