Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out, damned Spotlights!

We've got a new crop of TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHTS coming up. Specifics will be forthcoming, but for now, covers, we got covers. First is a wraparound image for METROPLEX from Marcelo Matere (you can't possibly do justice to Metroplex with just a front cover). The issue's being written by Andy Schmidt.

And then there're these cover images from Robby Musso and Casey Coller from the upcoming SPOTLIGHT: CLIFFJUMPER written by Shane McCarthy:


Anonymous said...

W0000! Don't want to be there with a POed Metroplex! Someone musta ticked him off royally.

And Cliff! Where's that big honkin' gun he had in MTMTE? ;D

Shaun K said...

I'm thrilled to see Priscilla getting more color work. I truly think she's one of the best to ever work on TF.

DanielW said...

These can be out now? Please??

Hans said...

All these covers look fantastic! Kudos to the artists involved.

Anonymous said...

partholon here chris.

man that metroplex cover looks great. i love the implicit building behind his head :) cant wait for this one, should be cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow. My jaw has (ouch) hit the floor. Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that's Matere piece is AMAZING!!! And the Cliffjumper ones aren't too shabby either!

Will Cliffjumper visit Carbombya in this one?

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