Monday, September 29, 2008

Scared Straight

The stacks of mail that come through this office every day are a thing to behold. Every day, I get a pile o' proposals, art samples, letters both complimentary (DICK TRACY and TERRY AND THE PIRATES fans are big letter-writers, and always very appreciative) and not (some TRANSFORMERS fans have particular demands), and random postcards.

I get through it all best I can. But every once in a while, something shows up that stops me from the other things I'm doing. Got one of those today, in the form of another reminder why it's best to stay on the up and up (like Ben Templesmith's WELCOME TO HOXFORD isn't cautionary tale enough of why to avoid incarceration). Seems that some of our comics just aren't allowed in prisons where murderers, rapists and other folks are locked up.

I figured it best to not include the actual name of the prison here, so pardon the redacted version. But let this be one more lesson to you that breaking the law and going to the clink is a bad idea...


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Anonymous said...

Ohh and to make up for the antics of some of my fellow Transfans:

IDW is doing a stellar job.
Some stories build tension (All Hail Megatron) while others rattle along bringing unending excitement and shocks (Revelations).

The Spotlights? Bloody amazing.

The way the stories are written? Fascinating.

The characters? Interesting.

Frankly, IDW's TF series is bloomin' awesome.

Anonymous said...

So, they only ban each individual issue? Sounds like that guy can still receive issues 3 and up.

Anonymous said...

A sticker would be appropriate.

Fallen Angel: Officially deemed detrimental to the security and good order of rehabilitation institutions - BUY NOW!

> Frankly, IDW's TF series is bloomin' awesome.

Much agreed.

Anonymous said...

"IDW comics now banned by the state penitential system - can you say the same Joe and Dan?"