Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Like a Blurr-gin

These puns that play off old '80s songs don't work at all any more, do they?

Well, anyway, something that does work nicely can be seen below: Trevor Hutchison's variant cover for the November-bound TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: BLURR (written by Shane McCarthy, art by Casey Coller). Trev's our variant guy on ALL HAIL MEGATRON, and as you can see here, the great design sense that he employs on those covers remains intact here.


Andrew Griffith said...

Ah, cool. Wicked cool!

Absolutely LOVING the art deco vibe.

Anonymous said...

That's cool.

I can't wait!! I've made no secret of the fact I LOVE the Spotlights, possibly the best TF stuff IDW's been doing (and that's saying something, given that it's been nigh amazing).

Anonymous said...

awesome. More Hutch, can't get much better