Monday, September 15, 2008

SWIPER, no swiping!

How about a little bonus today, since people have been asking for it for a while now. The final issue in Simon Furman's 4-part TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: REVELATIONS run features SIDESWIPE, and in that one, artist E.J. Su is handling full pencils/inks/colors duties for the first time. And the results are, well, a revelation:


Anonymous said...


That's..... amazing.

Can we PLEASE have more Spotlights that look like that?

Anonymous said...

Very cool EXCEPT for the blatant yet confusing speach bubble mistake at the bottom of one of the first pages. Hound is saying Grindcore's line and vice versa which is a mess.

Probably too late to fix that huh?

Anonymous said...

actually, according to what's being said on the IDW forum, that's already been fixed.

Anonymous said...

sweet monkey jesus.

partholon here chris, thats just STUNNING work. im really hoping this is a start of IDW trying some innovative art styles. could be problematic on a mini but in something like a spotlight its a great excuse to expriment. ive loved EJS covers so this is a great treat. hope its not the last time he gets to do it :)