Monday, September 22, 2008

That's a spicy meat-a-ball!

As mentioned below, this week we're releasing the first hardcover volume of SPAGHETTI BROS, a book written by Eduardo Risso's frequent partner-in-crime, Carlos Trillo (we released their CHICANOS books and they've also done BOY VAMPIRE, among other things). The book's solicits read like this, and below the text is the cover and a three-page preview of the 204-page book.

Spaghetti Bros, Vol. 1
Carlos Trillo (w) • Domingo Mandrafina (a & c)
This decades-spanning story of four young Italian immigrants starts in 1910 and follows them as they grow up to become a gangster, an actress, a Catholic priest, and a police officer. Volume One captures the first stories of love and hate of this Italian-American family. This thrilling story, presented in a deluxe hardcover edition and published in English for the first time, is like no other crime comic and will appeal to fans of the Godfather saga.

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wow! I'm so glad to see the work of carlos trillo and mandafrina with IDW, I follow the work of this autors since many years ago in diferent latin american magazines. definitily a couple of masters of the graphic narrative.

congratulations!! =)