Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lapham Nights

One bit of news that seemed to slide out without much fanfare during July's Comic-Con is the fact that celebrated creator David Lapham (STRAY BULLETS is maybe his best-known work but he recently did a fun Spider-Man miniseries with Tony Harris and his YOUNG LIARS book for Vertigo is a good read, too) is going to take a nicely bloody left turn into the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT world.

In December, we're launching 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: 30 DAYS TILL DEATH, a 4-issue miniseries written and drawn by Lapham. The description of the series is this:

David Lapham, the acclaimed Eisner Award-winning creator of Stray Bullets, brings his unique brand of graphic storytelling to 30 Days of Night and IDW. In 30 Days ‘til Death, the horrible events of the Barrow have rippled thoughout the world. A war has started in the secret society of vampires. A reaping. A death squad of elders has come to America to "thin the heard" of the troublesome new breed. Rufus doesn't give care about anything but his own survival and he's willing to do anything to ensure it, including getting a dog, and a girlfriend, pretending to like his neighbors, and going to extreme lengths to hide his insatiable craving for blood...

The lure of Lapham on the book was enough to get Ben Templesmith to offer up variant covers for the series, too, starting with this one for issue 1, being offered up in the issue of Previews that comes out next week:

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