Sunday, September 28, 2008

Come for the LOCKE & KEY, stay for the lights in the sky

The LOCKE & KEY hardcover comes out this week (it hit some stores last week, actually, but will be everywhere this Wednesday), and its creator, writer Joe Hill, will be doing a signing in Exeter, NH on October 1. But he and the bookstore are actually extending an offer to people who'd like to get him to sign some books but can't make it to that signing.

At Joe's blog, he's thrown this out there (click the link or the Title of this post for the entire piece at his blog):

...I had an idea I wanted to throw out there. I’m doing a signing at Water Street Books in Exeter on October 1st. They’ll have HEART-SHAPED BOX in soft and hardcover, 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS in soft and hardcover, and LOCKE & KEY in hardcover. If you’d like a signed book, call them between now and October 2nd, and place an advance order. You’ll only have to pay cover price, plus shipping and handling. And you’ll know it’s the real deal.

Hit the blog entry for all the information and rules. The store is located here:

Water Street Books

125 Water Street

Exeter, NH

603 778-9731

And if you do find yourself in Exeter for the signing, well, keep watching the sky because you never know what you might see there...

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PatShand said...

The book looks great man. I got the first issue, but haven't read it yet. Hell, I may just buy the hardcover. I love Gabriel's art since "The Great and Secret Show" so I just might have to!