Friday, September 5, 2008


I think I'm just tangling myself up trying to be punny in the titles of these blog entries. But if ever a post called for a little pun, it's one that discusses our upcoming SIR APROPOS OF NOTHING miniseries.

The series is an all-new tale written by Peter David and based on his novel series. The first issue even features a funny DARK TOWER gag (Peter likes to gently and good-naturedly nibble at the other hand that feeds). The series launches in November and features Robin Riggs on full art and color chores. His first three pages from issue 1 are here. Covers will be provided by folks like Michael Kaulta, Joe Corroney, David Ross and others.


Anonymous said...

Should I just get my paychecks forwarded straight to IDW, will that save time??

Damnit, I want to SAVE some money.
Stop making stuff I want to buy....


Elayne said...

Thanks Chris! Looking forward to the alternate covers, particularly the Kaluta one, as I pretty much have a front-row seat for the rest of the book as it's being drawn. :)