Monday, September 1, 2008

IDW's new releases for September 4

A day late this week due to the Labor Day holiday.

Angel: After the Fall #12
Complete Badger, Vol. 4 TPB
Dreamland Chronicles #3
Galaxy Quest #2
Igor Movie Adaptation #3
Rogue Angel: Teller of Tales TPB
Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #4
Transformers: Best of the UK: Time Wars #2
Transformers: Saga of the AllSpark #3


jamie said...

and in other news...
something about dave dorman,please!
lol,just kidding.
or am i?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the images...Wasn't the Wesley cover stated as being for 13? Or is it 12 now, with the Connor/Angel cover being a Retailer Incentive?

Chris Ryall said...

I've got a Dorman cover for... something... done and ready to go, even if it won't see print until early '09. He's working on others for us, too.

The Wesley cover got swapped with the other image; it made more sense on that issue.

Anonymous said...

There's a message for you at the boards, Chris... hehe ;)