Friday, December 18, 2009

Upon further review

Two new reviews for books that were released this week:

Broken takes a look at our Christmas-themed GHOSTBUSTERS: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE.
Rob Williams' story is charming, funny and surprisingly complex, with a nice twist ending and good character interaction.

And reviews two new STAR TREK titles, the debut of our DEEP SPACE NINE comics, and then a SPOTLIGHT issue that's keeping up with the CARDASSIANS.
It's so nice to see the station and these characters again in comic form. Thank you, IDW. You've successfully brought the original series, The Next Generation, the Trek film reboot, and, now, Deep Space Nine to comics... Arne & Andy Schmidt set their tale, refreshingly, after the series's finale. The inside cover has a welcome prologue for the story. Five Cardassians are going to break into Federation prison Ananke Alpha to kill "the Dominion commander who ordered the planet-wide bombing of...Cardassia Prime." Things, of course, don't go as planned...

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