Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ghosts of Christmas future 2: the all-Urru version

No commentary here yet, just a few visions of things to come for ANGEL, courtesy of Franco Urru. Two separate projects being shown in these three images.


Fender said...

Ooh, gorgeous on all counts. I do adore Franco's work. Also, Spike and Eddie are sportin' some fancy shiny pants. I appreciate that. :D

Veiriti said...

Wow!!! Spike & Eddie!!! Awesome!!! And Angelus! I love Franco's art! I can't wait for the outgoing SPIKE series! ;)) I'm waiting for my copy of Last Angel In Hell. Click on my name to see my fan made trailer for the movie. The trailer is dedicated to the all IDW team, especially to Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney! You guys are wonderful! Have a nice Christmas!