Saturday, December 19, 2009

SONG for the Dead

Starting in February, we're doing a new series based on a Japanese PC game that's a hit among gamers but less known outside of those circles, so I wanted to put a bit more focus on it. The miniseries is written by Daniel Liatowitsch & Todd Ocvirk, with art (both interiors and on the cover image here) by Yair Herrera. From the solicits, which should be posted in full next week, "SONG OF SAYA tells the story of Josh, a young doctor trying to recover from a near-fatal accident. When a nightmarish world threatens to drown out reality, Josh meets a mysterious girl named Saya who promises to take his pain away… if Josh agrees to help her in return." This is one of those moody, creepy books that SILENT HILL fans would dig, so in case it otherwise flies under your radar, check it out in the current issue of Previews.
(And in case it's also under the radar, the Title of this entry, "Song for the Dead," is a Queens of the Stone Age tune.)

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