Saturday, December 12, 2009

G.I. Joe: A Free American Hero

Diamond recently released information on the Gold-level sponsors for Free Comic Book Day in May 2010. Our book for that level is G.I. JOE 155-1/2, an all-new story that picks up where the old Marvel series (which stopped at issue 155) ended. The online cover image wasn't the final version, though--that one is pictured right here, with art by Augustin Padilla, who's doing the interiors on this new book. The inimitable Larry Hama scripts, of course.

The official description from the Free Comic Book Day Web site:

This is what you really want! Larry Hama continues his original and ground-breaking G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero saga with the VERY NEXT ISSUE (but, you know, 15 years later).

Free Comic Book Day is May 1, 2010. We'll have a second FCBD comic available that day, too. Details will follow on that one.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Bravo IDW. How exciting for all the longtime Joe fans. Seeing how I just got into GI Joe comics with the reboot, I'll be sticking with that continuity. But Chris, You know this will bring us TF fans to ask/beg/plead for Furman to be given a similar opportunity. I'm totally into all your current TF series, but if IDW came with #81 "In A Four Issue Limited Series" (but not really a four issue series, I'm sure you're aware of what I mean) I'd be on cloud nine. Please consider this?!!!!!!

jamar miller said...

Hell ya! but lets hope it bridges the DDP series and the Marvel Series, If it contradicts what DDP did ill be on the fence on to whether buy it or not. if it doesnt Ill be definately in

lets hope for a RED SHADOWS appearance one way or the other.


Anonymous said...

IGNORE HIM! PLEASE forget the DDP stuff! Devil's who?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather the DDP stuff wasn't completely ignored or "overwritten" either. Or at the very least, their "Declassified" mini-series will remain in there.

Anonymous said...

Other than Hama's G.I. Joe: Declassified, all the DDP stuff can and should easily be ignored. Let Larry tell HIS story and not be mired in DDP continuity.

And who needs lame "Action Force" villains like the Red Shadows when you have Cobra?

Mel said...

Holy! I might have to get this!

Mike Volpe said...

This is amazing! Don't even joke about including the DDP stuff...the suggestion of making Mr. Hama have to incorporate that garbage is insulting.

But seriously, thanks so much - best news ever! IDW rules!