Friday, October 3, 2008

Who made WHO?

The last thing I'd want to do on a book that's been well-received both critically and by fans is shake things up... but in the case of DOCTOR WHO: THE FORGOTTEN, life intruded and necessitated exactly that. Filling in for an Eisner-winning artist is never the ideal goal, but with issues 3 and 4, Pia Guerra had to step aside for some help. She'll be back with issues 5 and 6 (indeed, she actually did pages 21-22 of issue 4, too, one page of which is shown here) but needed to bow out of these two issues. For issue 3, Stefano Martino once again pitched in, and anyone who saw his work on issues 3 and 6 of our last WHO miniseries knows how good he can be. And then for issue 4, we have someone new to IDW and WHO, Kelly Yates, pitching in. As you can see by his pages shown here (first two are his, the last one is Pia's and should come with a slight spoiler alert), he fits in alongside her very nicely.

Meanwhile, the whole thing is presided over by writer Tony Lee, who never takes a day off... from drinking.


Anonymous said...

My condolences to Pia :-(

Metabellian Spiders, cool though.
That makes some sense of the "Martha Jones isn't herself" style comment for one of the later issues (she's possessed by a spider).

The sixth Doctor is full flight of voluminous verbal jousting! Excellent.

As for the new artist... not exactly a gripe but do they know now which end of the sonic screwdriver is the business end? Because in issues 3 and 6 of Agent Provacateur, they drew the Doctor using the "black knob end" rather then the "glowing blue crystal" end.

But, I must say - whoever drew that scene in the console room? It's fantastic.

Anonymous said...


It's all in his head.
That's why there is no "future Doctor" costumes in the museum.
The way he's lying on the floor of the console room, it's just like how he was lying in issue 1.

Could it be the Trickster? The bug looks a lot like that we saw in Turn Left.

Loving this story BTW.

Tony Lee said...

Who says there's not a control room in the museum?



I'm sorry. I've been drinking...

Anonymous said...

You're a devious one, Lee.

I shan't be distracted by you.
Something shiny? Yes.
You? Not so much.

odisn said...

I may have missed it elsewhere, but any word on when we should expect issue #2?

Anonymous said...

Ryall said (IIRC) October the 22nd in another post hereabouts.

I'm looking forward to the second Doctor entry ('cause he rocks).

Anonymous said...

And it seems that my nark was unneeded.

I really should know by now - IDW very rarely takes it's eyes of the ball, even the small stuff.