Monday, October 13, 2008

Like Hasslehoff, we're huge in Germany

Our PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL comics seem to be getting a fair share of press both inside the US and out (I've gotten reports of TV news stories from Chile, Australia and Spain, among others). And I just got sent this article from the Neue Westfälische newspaper in Bielefeld, Germany. For those not fluent in German, the headline reads "MEAN TRICKS AND HITS BELOW THE BELT: When cool-headed candidates become biting bulldogs." Which actually has nothing to do with the comics themselves, since those are even-handed presentations of the candidates' lives.


Anonymous said...

This was featured in the main spanish TV news the other day... again :D
Congrats! ;)

Unknown said...

Found Obama's cover on a newspaper's front page! Your comics didn't go unnoticed in Portugal either (; Want a picture of it?