Thursday, October 30, 2008

SHOCK to the System

This week's SHOCK FESTIVAL book has been getting some great press from places like FANGORIA (last month's write up is viewable here; the new mag features an even more ravingly ecstatic review).

Also, these places really dig the book, too:

Film Threat's review

A GREAT cover story in The Austin Chronicle

“A stone groove and as badass a tome as you're likely to come across this year or the next. If you love grindhouse, sleaze cinema, or B-movies in general, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy.”

"Stephen Romano is the Robert Rodriguez of horror! Not only do I give SHOCK FESTIVAL my highest recommendation, I'm even calling it my favorite book of 2008.”

“It’s GRINDHOUSE meets SPINAL TAP. Romano’s bizarre world of fringe movie madness is authentic, raw, hilarious and brilliant.”

“One of the greatest homage to B-cinema ever undertaken . . . Shock Festival is a breathtakingly thorough overview of over 100 movies and a slew of filmmaker and actors who never existed -- but which you'll believe actually did by the time you finish reading. And your eyes don't even have to touch the words to be convinced, thanks to the down-to-the-smallest-detail perfect collection of posters, newspaper ads, still photos and other visuals Romano and his art team have created. ”

“Romano’s pseudo-journalistic endeavor (is) a genuine revelation, an event that’s hardly, if ever, been done: the merging of fact and fiction into something too outrageous to be the truth, and too disarmingly ghastly/gorgeous to be anything but.”

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