Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing to FEAR

Artist Andrew "Mayberry" Griffith is gonna really go places as a TRANSFORMERS artist. He's doing something else for us right now, but we've also got him doing covers for the next UK reprint series, "City of Fear." Here's his first cover, which shows some impressive chops already.


Anonymous said...

That is nice. He did his own colors as well?

Anonymous said...


Er, that means I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Now thats some good work there. Love the look on UM's face.

Unknown said...



At 'a boy, Andrew!

Andrew Griffith said...



Chris Ryall said...


Er, I meant Andrew "King Awesomeness" Griffith! I always confuse the two nicknames.

Shaun K said...

That cover is totally what happens to me when I go to the mall, true story.

Nice to see Andrew score some pro work too. He's been spending way too much time at home singing along with his High School Musical DVDs.

Anonymous said...


zombots ! :) city of fear was a great story and really shows how far ranging the TF franchise can go. i still feels sorry for impactor but its great to see this getting the reprint treatment. while i dont go that much anymore the UK stuff seems to get ordered really well in my local comic shop. (partholon here chris just in case ya wondering !)

Matt said...

Congrats, Andrew! That cover is aces!

And I remember promising you about a year ago that I'd never take a crack at your name by mentioning a certain show about a small town sheriff. And now Chris Ryall goes and does it while announcing your first professional work to the world. Oh the humanity!

Smokey Tokyo said...

This is super work - love the depth, love the clarity of lines. Too often, the inker gets tcarried away, but this is nice, fine, detailed work. Excellent.

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