Monday, March 15, 2010


In June, we're doing another holiday-themed GHOSTBUSTERS one-shot (this one featuring art by DEAD @ 17 creator Josh Howard). It's called GHOSTBUSTERS: CON-VOLUTION and involves a comic convention that takes place on Independence Day (what? It could happen...). The variant cover for the issue, seen above, is by Nick Runge once again. But as interesting as the cover itself is the story, and reference photos, behind it. You can see all of that here at


Unknown said...

Haha, Egon looks like Steven Colbert.

...Suddenly I just realized who should play one of the new Ghostbusters.

David said...

Hi Chris, on another topic is L&C #4 out this week? some sites says yes others disagree!

lonegamer7 said...

@Zeke: I dunno. Would Colbert be able to pull off Harold's deadpan scientist portrayal of Egon?

Chris Ryall said...

Hey, David--

You mean LOCKE & KEY #4? Yep, it's in stores tomorrow.