Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two TRIBES go to war

One of the titles you'll see in the June Previews being released later this month is an all-new, standalone graphic novel called TRIBES: THE DOG YEARS. This one is something special, as you can hopefully see from the preview pages alone. The whole book, a nearly 200-page standalone graphic novel, is being presented as an oversize, widescreen affair, 11" x 8." The art is by Inaki Miranda, with colors by Eva De La Cruz. For a description, I'll refer you to the Tribes site, which features full story outline, dozens of finished pages, character designs and descriptions and much more. It's been put together by Michael Geszel of Soulcraft Media, who created the project and co-wrote this graphic novel with Peter Spinetta.

The feel of the book reminds me a bit of Suzanne Collins' HUNGER GAMES, in tone only, not story, in that it features young characters trying to make their way in a feral near-future. (Incidentally, the Tribes site states the book will be out in July, but it's actually now been moved to a June release because we feel that strongly about it. I want to ensure that it's something people can see at Comic-Con). A few preview pages are below, just to further showcase the Miranda/De La Cruz art team even more than just the cover.

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