Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beat on, the Brat-Halla

Back when I was running MoviePoopShoot for Kevin Smith, one of the best Web comics I ran at the site was the ever-reliable and entertaining BRAT-HALLA by Jeffrey Stevenson and Seth Damoose. Now the strip about the young Norse godlings is finally getting collected into a TPB, and Jeff asked me to do the intro for it. Seth then took all the words I tossed their way and dressed it up nicely while at the same time serving my seemingly insatiable need (well, want) to see myself illustrated as often as possible... although I should mention that many of these cameos, like this one, are just nice surprises for me and certainly not anything I request...

The TPB'll be available for order soon. Keep an eye on the BRAT-HALLA site for more information. Meanwhile, I'm off to Memphis for the ComicsPro meeting for the rest of the week.

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