Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fallen Angel hype

Peter David and JK Woodward have been pushing the coming FALLEN ANGEL: REBORN trade paperback (due in early January) pretty hard, through various podcasts and interviews. Links to some of their hard schlepping:

Pete's Basement (a video podcast. J.K. invited them to the studio so he could show some of the artwork)

It Came Out on Wednesday (Comixology podcast)

It Came from the Longbox


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Do you know if you are going to publish anymore Sir Apropos comics?

Chris Ryall said...

No plans to do more right now, no.

Anonymous said...

That's disappointing news but thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Chris Ryall said...

Peter's exclusive at Marvel so he's just not able to do more for us right now.

James Snelgrove said...

I really want this trade. I got hooked on the first issue but then finances fell out from under my feet AND my comic shop missed an issue so it got added to the vast majority of what I'm reading as "Get the Trade".