Monday, November 16, 2009

Minding the store

Up now at the iTunes App store are four different IDW "Storefront" apps. All of these apps are free downloads for your iPhone/iPod touch, too. They all offer you the ability have your IDW comic apps organized inside the storefront. The IDW app helps you organize and find everything we have available, and keep them all inside that one application (as opposed to having every single title and issue as a separate app unto itself). And there are also free Transformers, G.I. Joe and Star trek storefronts that do the same.

The nice thing about these is that, with them, we're the first publisher to launch our own "in-app purchase" storefronts. Each one's got anywhere from 30-60 titles (the IDW storefront has everything IDW has up at iTunes, over 200 books), and some full collections (like ALL HAIL MEGATRON 1-12) in each app, with more coming every week.

In addition to being free downloads, the apps come pre-loaded with some free comics for you, too. Check 'em out here:
IDW storefront
Transformers storefront
G.I. Joe storefront
Star Trek storefront

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