Thursday, November 5, 2009

After the Fall

Yesterday's story about Ironhide getting killed in issue one of the upcoming TRANSFORMERS series seems to have struck a chord, based on the responses here, the mail I've gotten, and the dozens of pages of responses at TRANSFORMERS fan sites. Much of the opinion seems to be based around assumptions that we're headed in a direction that's not correct, but the fact that people are talking does show they care. Hopefully not to such a degree that they let incorrect suppositions keep them from checking out the comic itself, because I think it's going to surprise many of the naysayers. But following up that piece, TF editor Andy Schmidt answered some questions about the death and where things are headed in the series.

All this with still two weeks before the issue itself hits stores. Read the full piece with Andy here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I just read the interview, and speaking for myself, the creative team that is leading the ongoing really has me fully interested. Especially as it's somewhat an ensemble launch, with the two miniseries coming in Dec and Jan alongside the ongoing. Really couldn't be more happier.
Ironhide is great, but to lose him and have writers that are going to delve into the consequences and not just ignore it is going to be great and intriguing comic reading.

lonegamer7 said...

We'll always be nitpicking on things like that, Chris. We wouldn't be an Unpleasable Fanbase if we didn't. ;)

Fanbot said...

Killing off Hide is dangerous at best, but I personally have no objection to him being fragged. I ain't totally happy with it either, but it's not a biggie on my list of IDW's discrepancies:


DanielW said...

Screamer was missing everything that wasn't a head, arms or legs after Megs "disciplined" him.

Compared to that Hide's was just a flesh wound.

Mel said...

The method of Ironhide's death seems to be what has people up in arms about it, but the specifics of it shouldn't matter as long as it serves the story.

As Ivan Drago said -

"If he dies, he dies".