Monday, November 16, 2009


It's been a good week or two for advance copies around the office, with new hardcover copies of THE ROCKEETEER, NEXT MEN PREMIERE EDITION, VOL. 2 and THE ART OF DITKO, our first book under our new Yoe Books imprint, all arriving. They'll all be in stores early December:


Matt Southworth said...

Hi Chris--I'm excited about the Rocketeer and Torpedo books, already ordered them through Amazon.

I see you mentioned the Rocketeer coming out in early December (I got the big deluxe one, I hope that's coming out then, too), but what is the status of Torpedo? Any time soon?

Chris Ryall said...

Hey, Matt--

Rocketeer will officially be out December 9.

Torpedo V.1 is running a bit late (obviously). It's being approved next week and will be in stores on January 6.