Thursday, November 19, 2009

Optimus Prime quits, sells out

Sometimes I can just sit back and let the press release do the talking for me:

Second printing of new ongoing TRANSFORMERS comics available December 2nd

San Diego, CA (November 19, 2009) – The new TRANSFORMERS comics era has begun! After just one day in stores, The TRANSFORMERS #1 is already sold out through Diamond, and IDW Publishing will rush its inaugural ongoing comic to a second printing. Under license from Hasbro, Inc., the second printing of The TRANSFORMERS #1 will be available in comic stores on December 2nd, featuring a new cover by series artist Don Figueroa.

The first ongoing TRANSFORMERS comic series in five years, The TRANSFORMERS is a must-read for old and new fans. The TRANSFORMERS #1 starts the series off with two huge events – the death of IRONHIDE and subsequent resignation of OPTIMUS PRIME, the heroic leader of the AUTOBOTS.

“Launching an ongoing series based on a world-wide franchise like Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS brand is not something we take lightly,” said Andy Schmidt, IDW’s TRANSFORMERS editor. “We know we have to make every issue count so that our readers are getting a great read every time and that our retailer partners are assured that they’ve got a product they can sell month after month. And this second printing is evidence that Mike and Don have succeeded at delivering exactly that.”

The TRANSFORMERS is helmed by Mike Costa (G.I.JOE: COBRA) with art and covers by returning, artistic dynamo Don Figueroa. The ongoing series is also the launching point for two new miniseries, TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE and TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the WRECKERS, debuting in December and January, respectively.

The TRANSFORMERS #1 (second printing, 32 pages, $3.99) will be available on December 2nd. Diamond order code #OCT09 8086.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris, Andy, Denton, Mike, Don, and everyone else at IDW for this. I know you guys have had TF issues sell out at Diamond before, but I think this is the first to get a 2nd printing (and so quickly)!! I always hope to hear 'sell out' followed by '2nd printing' so this news made my afternoon.

P.S. Can you give a ballpark number for the first printing?

Klaus said...

Yo! Congrats to all involved indeed! So good to have Don back on the 'bots. Like the small stylistic changes or not, his artistic skills rock hard! I ordered the book indeed but I don't have it yet. Gah, why do I live in Germany!?!*


* Ok,ok... healthcare, low gun violence and a well doing currency, but c'mon - I need my comics!

Fanbot said...

Very well done Chris and IDW. I'm new to the Trasfandom -- did Infiltrations #0 and #1 get multi-printings?