Saturday, January 24, 2009

New releases for Jan. 28

No regular comics this week, making this a perfect time to try something a little bit different. In order below, we have a re-presentation of an award-winning sci-fi prose novel, a collection of classic comics, a children's picture book, Ben Templesmith's portraits of the 44 POTUS's, and a manga-ish digest:*
*Note: the children's picture book shown here is actually coming out next week. The one for this week isn't picture.

Hothouse: The Long Afternoon of Earth
Journey, Vol. 2
Michael Recycle: 4th Printing
Presidents of the United States
Skate Farm Vol. 1


Anonymous said...

There it is!! Success!

'Twice, even', as the pink lion would say...

Anonymous said...

When does Classic Transformers Vol. 3 come out? Thought it was this week...