Thursday, January 8, 2009

Locke the vote

WIZARD Magazine's Fan Awards are up for voting right now, and among the other nominees, LOCKE & KEY is nominated for Best New Miniseries, Joe Hill is up for Breakout Writer, Fallen Angel is up for Female Character and ANGEL is nom'd for Best Licensed Property. So, you know, make sure to take the day off work and vote. And vote. And vote (feel free to skip the Best Editor category, though)...

A vote for LOCKE & KEY is a vote for change!


GR said...

Someone's missing in the Favourite Editor category!!
All Hail Ryall!


Anonymous said...

"Someone's missing in the Favourite Editor category!!"

That's what I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

Something else is also missing from the Favorite Licensed Comic Category!!

All Hail Transformers!!!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that there was a couple of other IDW stuff there, like Fallen Angel in the favourite female, Angel: ATF in favourite franchise, and Who in the favourite TV series (well that's sort of IDW...)