Saturday, January 3, 2009

Riding that ZvR train a little longer

I know lots of Ash Wood fans have already seen this Bertie travelogue before, but since this particular image not only shows the 'bot cruising around the subway but also manages to work in a nice plug for the ZvR trade paperback, I thought it was worth showing again. And yes, ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS will be back in '09, with an all-new monthly series that will feature, beyond just 'bots and 'zombs, Da Vinci's flying machine, zuvembies, all-out war and some really disturbing romance, too.

Hmm. This suddenly makes me think the blog next week should be used as a sort of Visions of 2009 thing, showing other new projects coming this year.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love Zombies VS Robots. I got the ZVR Complete TPB of course and remains my favorite comic book to date. Can't wait for more!

Andrew Griffith said...

I just hope they're in stock the next time I see you guys at a 'con. I tried to buy some at Comic-Con so I could get you to sign, but you were all sold out, dangnabit. ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for more ZvR!
It will make mein kampf a little easier to take.

Mr. Stratford said...

That's picture is awesome. Love them Zombies and Robits.