Saturday, January 3, 2009

IDW's new releases for January 7, 2009

Complete Little Orphan Annie Vol. 2 HC
Classic GI Joe Vol. 1 TPB
The Dreamer #3
Dick Tracy, Vol 1 [2nd printing]
Dick Tracy, Vol. 2 [2nd printing]
Dreamland Chronicles #7
Speed Racer: The Next Generation: Birthright #3
Star Trek: Archives Vol 3 TPB
Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #2
Transformers: Saga of the Allspark TPB
Transformers: Escalation TPB [2nd Printing]
Transformers: Stormbringer TPB [4th Printing]


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Can you give me an idea as to how many Star Trek Archives you have planned? Any heads up on the themes would be great too. You've already done some favorite of mine, the Borg, Peter David & G7. I'll have to see what's in the DS9 archive, but there's just so many great themes to choose from!
Thanks for reprinting these for those of us who missed them the first time around.
~Ken R

Chris Ryall said...

Not sure exactly, since if these continue to work, we'll look to do more. But I believe these are all that are set at the moment, in addition to the coming Omnibus collections of the older Marvel stuff.

zriza said...

For some reason Star Trek Archives vol.3 doesn't appear on Duamond's new releases for this week list. Any idea why and if it will arrive this week ???

zriza said...

Never mind. Got my copy yeaterday :)