Friday, January 9, 2009

GRIMM Tidings

Let's end the week with a bit more of a look at our upcoming comic based on game designer American McGee's GRIMM videogame. Every issue of the 5-part series will take a different comic book style and "Grimm" it up. Seen here are the covers for issues 2 and 3, which take on romance comics and westerns, respectively (with an Archie-like world and funny animal comics still to come), courtesy of artist Grant Bond.

As a bonus, here's Ben Templesmith's variant cover for issue 1, too:


PatShand said...

I admit being a bit skeptical of Ben Templesmith when I first read 30 Days of Night, but after seeing all his recent art here, I picked up the first Wormwood TPB... and his art is fantastic. Really stylized, but so, so interesting and the coloring and texture of it all seems so layered. Any chance we could ever get this guy on an Angel book, whether covers or interiors? My dream was to get Mr. Gabriel Rodriguez on Angel, and that worked, so how about the Templesmith? That would be beyond awesome. He's just so damn prolific, it's like every day he has something new.


Chris Ryall said...

Ben did actually do an Angel cover way back when, but he's not crazy about doing likenesses, so I doubt we'd get him on interiors. Although we might talk him into doing interiors on a Terminator one-shot, and his Doctor Who issue comes out next month, too. And don't make me push Groom Lake on you yet again... but that's coming from him in March, too.

PatShand said...

No need for "Groom Lake" pushage. You had me at "alien smoking a cigarette."