Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Byrne Notice

One of the nice things to come out of this gig has been the chance to get John Byrne to do some work for us. He originally did just a STAR TREK: SPOTLIGHT issue for us, which I figured might be our one shot to work together. But he's a TREK fan from way back, and had more and more ideas for comics. He'd originally stayed away from the Federation, opting instead for stories involving the Romulans and Klingons or Earthbound characters like Gary Seven. But now he's ready to turn his scope toward a tale that's more in the center of the STAR TREK universe (albeit a point set in the pre-Kirk and even pre-Pike past). Starting in March, we're kicking off two monthly Byrne books, the first being STAR TREK: CREW, a 6-part tale set in the past but featuring some familiar faces. Here're the covers to issues 1-3:

Also launching in March is ANGEL: BLOOD AND TRENCHES, Byrne's first full-length Angel story, too. This one's set in the past as well, looking at Angel's World War I history and being presented in a very unique art style on the interiors. Covers to the first three issues are here:


Anonymous said...

Wow, those Angel covers look awesome! Whose coloring those books? :P

Anonymous said...

John Byrne is a tired old hack. IDW is tarnishing their reputation by working with this toothless old grump.

Byrne has a history of leaving storylines right in the middle (Next Men has the distinct honor of being one of the latest books ever solicited)because of some fight with editorial (Byrne does not play well with others).

Either way if his low sales on his recent books (commercial and critical failures like FX and Doom Patrol) are any indication then he will soon be concentrating on churning out ugly rushed commissions to his dozen or so message board rubes.


Anonymous said...

Wow Chad, with the venom you wrote that with one would think John was banging your wife or something. It almost sounded personal.

But seriously, what did he do to you? Do you have a personal experience to base this on? Have you worked with John?

Because many artists have a history of not finishing a series or a book. It happens a lot, its the way the industry works sometimes. And the reason for such a set back may not always be fully or accurately explained to the fans.

What I have seen of John Byrne's work at IDW has all been great. Its certainly not the work of a hack and IDW is not tarnishing anything by hiring him, in my eyes.

So, unless you have a personal experience to base accusations like that with I think its best to keep them to yourself.

Anonymous said...


Now if only you could manage to get the continuation and conclusion to NEXT MEN finally out of Byrne's hands...

Anonymous said...

Wow "Charlie" - you jump to Byrne's defense like a rabid fanboy foaming at the mouth..! Your love for Byrne must shine like a beacon in your unlit basement!

I do not need to work with Byrne to know he is an unproffessional hack. He has left numerous titles mid story with no regard for his fans (including but not limited to Avengers, WCA, She Hulk, Next Men, Hulk (twice), and many more). It's all about the $$$ with Byrne.

IDW should ditch him sooner than later. No rush tho - give him a few months and one of Byrne's patented hissy fits will ensure he gets fired and blacklisted just like he did at DC and Marvel.


Anonymous said...

I like how you put my name in quotes, though I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean.

And I'm not really a fan of Byrne, but his work has graced my collection more than once and I've never been displeased with his work. And I would love to work on his art.

I'm just saying your accusations seem a bit exaggerated. Like I said, many artists have had to drop a book here and there for various reasons and when you have a list of accomplishments as long as John's there are bound to be a few books dropped. I don't actually know why he left any of the series that he did but I wouldn't be surprised if it was about money. This is a business and this is how we pay our way. I've been ripped off on gigs myself and have had to leave books because of that. I can't afford to work for free and I'm sure neither can someone like John Byrne. Its unfortunate that he has to disappoint his large fan following when such a situation arises but he still has to be business conscious.

I asked if you had a personal experience with him to base this on because then I would give your accusations some consideration. But I don't see how you can say he has hissy fits or that he doesn't get along with others if you've never dealt with the man.

If he actually behaves like that he wouldn't have been able to get to where he is today.

Anonymous said...

Both those book look good and I will happily give IDW my money, for no other reason than Byrne is doing them.

Chad is a very hate-filled person. I think someone's mommy didn't love him enough!

Anonymous said...

God i LOVE John Byrne - he is my lord and master. If I suck up to him enough maybe he will let me touch the hem of his robe as I cower at his feet.

I love rolling around in dollar bin copies of LAB RATS in the nude.


Chris Ryall said...

Chad, you're way offbase, as are most of the people who blindly slam a creator without ever having worked with them or who just believe Internet scuttlebutt. Do you ever really know the reasons why a book is canceled or why a creator leaves? Why do you assume it's the creator's fault? I've been doing this for years now and know that you can't jump to the conclusions you're jumping to.

I say this every time someone decides to trash Byrne for whatever reason or agenda they have--or, let's be fair, just not liking his work, not everyone does or needs to like his stuff. But I do, and more than that, I have rarely worked with anyone as professional or courteous as John in my near-five years of doing this. He has done everything he promised, on time--more than on time, far in advance of deadlines to a point that I've never seen from any other creator--and been an absolute pleasure to work with. And I think he's been doing some great work for us.

You don't have to agree--you don't have to like him, don't have to buy the books, don't have to believe me. But you do need to be fair. You're wrong and mean-spirited and accusatory, and I'd appreciate it if you kept your biases out of your responses.

zriza said...

Both books look great and I've already ordered them from my local shop :)

BobbyNash said...

Love those covers. I've enjoyed Byrne's work over the years and look forward to reading these.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Gabe Chodu, the anagram of your moniker says it all.

Anonymous said...

Really digging those Angel covers, and I'm something of a Great War history and literature buff so I'm down for Blood & Trenches.

I'm a casual Star Trek fan, but Crew looks good.

It's cool to see new stuff from John Byrne, a longtime favorite of mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

Could you tell us what JB plans to do after the Angel & Crew ltd series? Thanks! Joss (from France)