Saturday, January 10, 2009

Because man can't live on IDW alone

Or can he? Well, for those who can't, at least for one month only, my Frazetta Comics book, NEANDERTHAL, is also being offered for pre-order in the next issue of Previews. My first comic dalliance outside of IDW, with Tim Vigil and Jay Fotos on art.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome,
cool that you are doing a Frazetta comic,I'm sure Zach's art will do wonders as it did with your first ever book,

here's to more work in future,

all the best,mate.

Anonymous said...

I thought Zach was doing this with you. What happened to that?

Chris Ryall said...

Zach had to bow out due to some scheduling conflicts, unfortunately, but Vigil's stuff looks great.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Vigil's stuff looks awesome in that little preview image you posted here. But, its still too bad that Zach had to drop it. It would have been interesting to see his take on this.

Anonymous said...

very cool,yeah,
Zach is good,though have to admit I like Vigil's work as well from what I've seen thus far,

consider this added,
and more work from you in future.

all the best mate,

GR said...

This looks AWESOME!
Congratulations to the team!