Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's an election year, y'know

The British Eagle Award Nominations came out today--or recently, anyway, but I just saw them today. And while IDW got jobbed as far as a nom for Best Publisher (somehow DC and Vertigo got separate nods for Best Pub), I did spot this little section:

10: Award for Favourite Editor
  • Axel Alonzo
  • Kris Simon
  • Tharg (Matt Smith)
  • Tom Brevoort

    Well, how about that? Now, never mind the fact that I think I deserve to win just for spotting the typo in "Favourite" above... but if you need additional reasons to vote for me, consider these totally unbiased facts about the other nominees:

    AXEL ALONSO: If you vote for him, Mephisto will just invalidate the vote anyway.
    KRIS SIMON: The spelling of his first name is all wrong--can't have that in a Favourite [sic] editor.
    THARG: Oh, c'mon, that's not even a real word.
    TOM BREEVORT: Have we all forgotten Avengers Disassembled so soon? I think not. Also, even money that Tom is actually a Skrull.

    So there you go, there's my campaigning. If elected, I promise to keep fellow Eagle Award nominees Ben Templesmith and Ashley Wood gainfully employed and productive. Also, I promise to keep things like ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL, LOCKE & KEY, STAR TREK comics by folks like John Byrne, and so much more coming out on time and with no ads running in the middle of the stories.

    It would make me feel better about the heavy gunfire I had to dodge when I attended the Bosnia Comic-Con a few years ago, too.

    So if any of that sways you, please, vote away:

    Vote here! Vote Ryall!*

    *I spared you from my 6th grade class president campaign slogan, "Be in style, vote for Ryall!"

    Anonymous said...

    I voted for you, and Warren Ellis.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh yeah - easy vote there Chris.
    Had to go for Ash Wood too.


    Andy said...

    I'll vote for you, although I do feel guilty about betraying Tharg!

    Congrats to IDW on the Diamond Gem Award as well!


    Anonymous said...

    Aye aye sir! Just voted for you! ;)


    Neil said...

    Actually, "favourite" is the British spelling of the word (since the Eagle awards are British). They also spell color with an "ou" as well.

    I voted for you anyway, though. ; )

    Chris Ryall said...

    "Actually, "favourite" is the British spelling of the word (since the Eagle awards are British). They also spell color with an "ou" as well."

    That was actually just sarcasm on my part...

    Anonymous said...

    Best editor eh? Well, I suppose. I mean, you DID allow Beachcomber to get a starring role in the Blaster book...

    ...although frying his brains was probably your idea too. :P

    Eh, what the hell, the vote's yours man! :)

    Would've been nice to be able vote for IDW as best publisher there too.

    jamie said...

    get dave dorman on board at idw and you can have my vote and my first born.

    jamie said...

    no... apparantly my wife says you can't have our first born. sorry.
    how about a half a shandy if you win?

    Chris Ryall said...

    "get dave dorman on board at idw and you can have my vote and my first born."

    Working on it, really.

    And no worries, one first-born is plenty for me already.

    Sail said...

    Already voted for ya!

    Tony Lee said...

    I voted for Chris Ryall.

    He's my favorite editour.


    Anonymous said...

    I have to vote for you, don't I? :(

    Neil said...

    "That was actually just sarcasm on my part..."

    Ohhhhh. Heh heh. Roops.

    kalili said...

    I bet you'll be surprised to see that your little sister even knows about this!!
    But just the same, I voted for you anyway!
    Go Chrispy!!