Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ben Who?

It's my goal to get Ben Templesmith somehow involved with DOCTOR WHO. He loves the property (indeed, WORMWOOD was inspired by the show), and this unpublished image here shows how nicely he'd handle covers, too. So that's my latest mission, anyway. That and officially announcing the coming Tony Lee/Pia Guerra WHO series as well... soon, very soon.

Speaking of WORMWOOD, here's a just recently completed cover for WORMWOOD Art Book that Ben will be doing in August.


jamie said...

you know who would make a great 'who' artist?
that dave dorman,
i know i keep rattling on,sorry.
but i loves him!

Anonymous said...

Who's Dave Dorman?

Anyway, Ben would be PERFECT for a Who story of the more "darker" variety.

Chris Ryall said...

>Who's Dave Dorman?

Ahh, you kids today. You should hit Google right away and see what you're missing.

8of5 said...

That Who cover is yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris. Are there more artbooks by Ben Templesmith from IDW or would this one be the frist?


Chris Ryall said...

There are two other art books by Ben. This is the first WORMWOOD-specific one, though. The first one collected a lot of different pieces, the second one, CONLUVIO, was all-new material.

Andy said...

I'd certainly love to see Ben tackle Doctor Who.


Anonymous said...

I think Ben would make for a GREAT Who artist, a story like Planet of the Ood or Human Nature or Blink would REALLY benefit from the sort of art Ben is a genius at doing.