Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hardheads and Doubledealers

To tie in with the big 25-question TRANSFORMERS Q&A I've been doing at our message boards today, I wanted to share some pencils from two upcoming TF SPOTLIGHTS here. Following EJ Su's CYCLONUS book, we'll be doing HARDHEAD (penciled by Nick Roche, and shown here), followed by DOUBLDEALER (pencils by Dan Khanna)...


Anonymous said...



That Hardhead page is one of the best TF pages I've seen in a looooong time. Thanks for sharing them :)


BigBot said...

More Dan "Art Guy" Khanna, please!

Anonymous said...

Hm. Well, to post an opposing viewpoint, Dan Khanna's art has always been my least favorite. Good pin-ups, but the sequential art is clunky.

Andy said...

Never been much of a fan of Dan Khanna's work myself but as a Nick Roche cheerleader I am very happy with the Hardhead page.

Anonymous said...

I think the Dan Khanna page looks excellent, actually. Great art!


Anonymous said...

It's really nice to know that Dan Khanna is getting some work in "big leagues" of TF comics now, I've generally always like his work...but, and maybe it's just me, that lowres scan has me very confused. I can't really tell who's who other than a few distinct characters.

Also, I'm bummed about missing that 25 questions deal, cuz I have a question I want answered: In the IDWverse how "dead" are dead TFs? Cuz we've seen TFs be killed and/or dismembered before in canon and they weren't always completely dead (i.e. Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime, 2k7 Frenzy). In the 2007 movie they provided an actual hardset rule as to how to kill a TF (destroy his spark) and that's usually denoted by a blue-flash...

Anonymous said...

As dead as Furman's imagination?

As dead as Dreamwave?

As dead as a dead thing drinking dead juice on the day of maximum deadness?

Which?! We must be told!

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