Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The IDW studio tour

Up now at Comic Book Resources is a pictorial of the newish IDW offices, so feel free to come on inside and have a look around.


Anonymous said...

Chris, the new offices certainly have great space in them eh, much different to the old ones, man there was some comics piled there.
It does look sparse in the hallways, so I can tell once you get it that "lived-in feel" that is mentioned in the article it'll be a much cooler IDW environment.
Always cool to have a peek into where you guys work. Cheers

Martin Fisher said...

Soooooooo wanna see the inside of this place for real one day.

Let me in one day Chris :)

jamie said...

i second that.
where's the casting couch...?
i soooo wanna draw doctor who,or star trek... or heck,anything you guys put out.
except transformers.

okay,even transformers.