Sunday, March 30, 2008

DEAD Man's Party

Last night's launch party for our EVERYBODY'S DEAD comic (and Image Comics' HAZED) at Meltdown Comics in LA was probably the coolest comic book-related party I've ever attended. There was a great crowd of folks (comic book hipsters, many old friends and familiar faces, David Slade [30 DAYS OF NIGHT's director] and fiance, Ben Templesmith and wife Lorelei , Mark Rendell [Eben Oleson's brother in 30 DAYS, now appearing in CHARLIE BARTLETT], Boom! Studio's Chip Mosier, our own Scott Tipton and his lady, artist Chris Moreno, screenwriter Jon Davis, Savage Critic contributor and bon vivant Abhay Khosla, and many others. Along with the comic's creators, Brian Lynch and Dave Crosland. Crosland and friend, the super-talented Jim Mahfood, did a live-art show, painting a mural on the back wall of Meltdown's party space while a DJ spun tunes. It really was a great event even without the live art show, but I can't recommend enough that you check out the Mahfood and Cros show if they ever do a live art event near you. Jim does a lot of these in town (he's LA-based; Cros was down from SF for the launch party) and it was pretty stunning to watch the two of them go. I don't know that these few pictures capture the dynamism of their work, but it was a great sight to behold.

In all, a great event, and hopefully one that got a few more people to check out EVERYBODY'S DEAD (the cover for the concluding issue, 5, is pictured here). Thanks to MattyG and the Meltdown crew for such a good comic book event.


Jim Lujan said...


Man Jim and Dave are just that good. Great pics.


Unknown said...

Beautiful and interesting blog.