Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who new

Alright, after three issues and three artists, we've got ourselves our regular DOCTOR WHO artist. I really liked the different interpretations in the first three issues (by Nick Roche, Jose Maria Beroy, and Stefano Martino, respectively), but I do also like an artist fans can settle in with and get used to for a few issues. And we have there here in Mirco Pierfederici (we've run the European gamut on this book, first Ireland, then a Spaniards, and now our second Italian, this time brought to me by the great David Messina). To celebrate his arrival, and to thank Daniel W. for his patronage here at this blog, here are a few Mirco pages so you can see what he'll bring to the book starting in May. And as a nice bit of finishing to these pages, we've got Tom Smith, the gent who's colored George Perez for the past few years, handling all the color duties, too. Meanwhile, Charlie Kirchoff, the expert WHO colorist of issues 1-3, will still be doing diligence on the DOCTOR WHO CLASSIC books, including handling full duties on covers soon, too.


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty sweet!

I really enjoyed #1. Just so you know, that was my very first Dr. Who story!

I'll be checkin' out #2!

Anonymous said...


Gobsmackingly good.
Trouser shatteringly amazing, in fact.
And to be mentioned in dispatches, very cool.

LOVE the shot showing the Console Room inside of the main doors. Not something we get a too detailed look at on TV (for obvious reasons).

Beachcomber, if you want to have anything clarified, you've my e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Actually Stefano's italian, too! He speaks excellent spanish though ;)